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Letter to the editor 1, April 29, 2021

Pearl-clutching diatribe

Dear Editor,

I hope the irony of Gina Grant's pearl-clutching diatribe against the people of Hudson last week was not lost on your readers. By suggesting that the BLM movement is so fragile as to be diminished by a young person's environmental message, it is Gina that is doing both important causes a disservice. If there are readers who take the BLM movement less seriously following last week's coverage, I imagine it is because of Gina's concern-trolling, not because a young person paraphrased BLM's powerful and widely recognized motto in order to amplify their own environmental message. There are many positive and proactive ways to support BLM and BIPOCs in Hudson without the need to signal offense on their behalf, or shame children for expressing themselves. Instead of stifling one cause in the name of the other, let's support both as meaningful and give demonstrators and citizen in Hudson the benefit of the doubt when interpreting their signs.

Lucas Sellyn


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