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Letter to the editor 1, April 15, 2021

Open letter to Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls

Dear Mr. Nicholls,

My husband and I moved from rural Ontario to become residents of the Town of Hudson a little over 10 years ago. We always appreciate the continued work of its town council members on the behalf of its citizens. Both of us have enjoyed Hudson as a town very much, not in small measure due to its wonderful public walks along the shores of the Ottawa River (and primarily that which connects Jack Layton Park to Sandy Beach). Between the two of us and our dog, we probably have made many more than 365 outings along those pathways each of the 10 years that we have lived here. It has become deeply embedded in my sense of this place, my love and appreciation for its seasons and changes of light, its abundant wildlife and rare indigenous species – each making its own wild home within the same municipally zoned area that we are also privileged to live within.

There are other things I appreciate about the town (the theatre, library, shops, friendly and engaged people, etc.) but while they all require complex human effort to sustain functionality, Sandy Beach has virtually maintained itself beautifully for longer than a single century and would, if left only under natural stresses, continue within an historical context to offer its immeasurable healing spirit to many of the community's generations to come. It is not a large beach but it is a very lovely beach.

A small and natural coronavirus has currently put the entire world to a heretofore unimaginable halt...a profound ‘time-out’ from our regular social functioning and largely accepted ways of thinking and acting. It seems very apparent to me that now is the time when most of the world either understands, wants, or at least is resigned to the need to put our natural world on the top of society's priority list. It has become an obvious imperative that we need to be building our community nests in a way and place that is healthy for all of us and which connects us with ancient and viably proven practices.

We must respond to the loud wake-up call that the coronavirus has voiced upon some human expectations of the kinds of abuse we can routinely throw at our environment. Fundamentally, our future success depends on us finding a way of living that operates in sync with the rest of the planet's environment.

Please attempt to thoroughly investigate the MARE proposals as a new approach to ensuring our community's true long-term sustainability, understanding that in a conflict between nature's needs and human wants, long-term safety and contentment lies in working as closely as possible alongside Mother Nature.


Sheryl Mendritzki Hudson

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