• Rod L. Hodgson

Legion news


The dedication of the Place Vimy park bench has been postponed until there can be a safe and lawful gathering of friends at the site.

We are now accepting payments for your 2021 Legion dues. You can mail your payment to Hudson Legion Br. #115, 56 Beach Rd., Hudson, QC, J0P 1H0. The fee is $60 and, on the memo line of your cheque, write 2021 dues. At the moment we are not doing e-transfers.

We will be offering T-shirts in the upcoming months with the Place Vimy park bench logo on the front. No word yet on the price but it will be a great fundraiser I am sure for our Legion Br. #115. We plan to have other colours besides just black.

For your information on the small plaques that surround our cenotaph there are men and women who have served with not only the Canadian Armed Forces but also the British, American and Australian armed forces; past and present. We try to honour as many as we can from all over the world who have served with Canadians during war time and, of course, peace time. That is the legacy of the Royal Canadian Legion.

This past Thursday, Legion Executive member Jay De La Durantaye finished the last bit of work on the Place Vimy park bench by painting the poppies. It is totally unique and a real tribute to our veterans; past present and those currently serving in the armed forces. Thank you Jay and friends.

We must offer a very special vote of thanks to Lynda Trenholme in memory of her father Lt. Harry E. Trenholme RCNVR WW II as well as the D-Day Society and Friends who Remember who contributed the funds to purchase this magnificent work of art.


T-shirts with the Place Vimy bench logo will soon be on sale at the Hudson legion.

The dedication of the Place Vimy park bench has been postponed until we can have a safe and lawful gathering of friends at the site. It had been scheduled for October 31 at 1 p.m. It will be later on if not the spring. Time and government regulations will tell.

Great news! Our dear pal and friend Rollie Normandeau is now home with his dear friend Sheila. We hope you will be up and around in no time, all the best from your friends at Hudson Legion Br. #115. I know Sheila will get you going soon enough.

Curling practices have begun. We are allowing just four people at a time on the ice. The regular season may commence in November if we get out of the Red Zone. Please check the schedule for practices that were sent out to the curling members. Everyone must sign in upon arrival at the Legion. The locker rooms are now off limits as well.

It is with great sadness that I must advise you of the passing of one of our long-time members and WW II veteran of the RCAF. Ken Burley passed away at the Ste. Annes Veteran’s Hospital October 21. He had been a curler for many years at our Legion finishing off with the Hardy Rocks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. The flag outside the Legion was at half mast in his memory this past weekend.

Lest we forget…