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Eleven new small plaques were in­stalled on the posts around Place Vimy this week and the area is looking absolutely beautiful with the poppies growing up around the red mums.

First of all a very special Happy Birthday goes out to our dear member Dorothy Blaise who celebrated her 102nd birthday October 8. Dorothy (also known as Doris) makes up part of the Legion Junior Orchestra that also includes Uncle Phil Gale and Mack Grundy. She plays the accordion. All the best Dorothy.

The birdfeeders at the Palliative Care residence continue to give much enjoyment to the patients. A request is going out again to all those who have in the past been dropping off birdseed to fill the feeders and to all who now wish to help out. As the Legion is not open, may we suggest that you drop off any donation to Bill Louch at 56 Oakland in Hudson, or you can call Gerry at (450) 458-4125 or Bill at (450) 202 2541. They will arrange to pick it up. Please do not drop off any seed at the Palliative Care residence nor at the Legion as we are currently closed until the end of October. Your help and cooperation is appreciated.

Great news curling friends – the ice is now in and it was painted this past week by a great volunteer crew organized by Icemen Alan Jones and Barry Rowland. It is just a matter of time now before the first of many hundreds of rocks will be heading down each sheet. Curlers will be advised in a few days when they can begin their practices. Good luck and stay safe.

Eleven new small plaques were installed on the posts around Place Vimy this week and also two brass plaques on the park bench honouring those who donated it to us. Legion Executive member Jay de La Durantaye installed some flood lights last week to light it up from behind as well as the cenotaph. They are magnificent. Thank you very much Jay. I believe we have one of the finest looking cenotaphs in Canada. Right at the moment it is absolutely beautiful with the poppies growing up around the red mums and of course the plaques and now the Place Vimy park bench.

Special get well wishes are extended to the wife of Branch #115 member Moe LaFoley who has had a serious health setback in recent weeks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Mrs. LaFoley. Best of health wishes also go out to our dear pal Rollie Normandeau who has had some heath problems these past two weeks. Hope you are feeling better.

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