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Legion news

By Rod L. Hodgson


Here is a wonderful old photo of our Legion colour guard at one of the early Remembrance Day ceremonies. Left to right are: George Runnells, Rev. Canon E.C. Royle, President Gordon Hulley, Frank Pickles and Eileen Farnum. Eileen still represents the Ladies Auxiliary every year as an escort to those laying their wreaths at the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony. She is one of the longest serving members of Legion Br. #115 with over 45 years of service. Thank you.

We still have 24 T-shirts of various sizes and 10 packs of hasty notes left. Shirts are $25 and hasty-notes are $10 for a pack of ten. All of them have the Place Vimy Park bench logo on them. You can contact us at rcl115@videotron.ca if you want to make an order. This sure has been a great fundraising program for our still-closed Legion Br. #115.

Yes we are still ‘Feeding the Birds!’


Thanks to Bill Louch for keeping the bird feeders at the VSPCR filled to attract winter birds for the enjoyment of the patients and their families.

Down at the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence, for the enjoyment of the patients and their families, legion member Bill Louch continues to go over on a regular basis to assure that the feeders remain filled and continue to attract the winter birds. We are very thankful to him and to all the Legion Members and friends who continue to keep us supplied with seed and donations.

If you wish to continue to help us out with this project, we would be very grateful to receive your contribution. Seed or donations can be dropped off at Bill’s residence - 56 Oakland in Hudson –or contact gerry@foliot.ca or (450) 458-4125. During the winter months the preferable seed for the birds is the Black Sunflower seed. Please do not give us any Niger seed, as there are no birds that eat this in the winter. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Special thanks go out this week to Branch member Gord Stephenson who has volunteered to keep our cenotaph and park bench clear of snow for the rest of the winter. Very much appreciated, all the best.

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