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Legion news

By Rod L. Hodgson – President


Here is a great old Legion Br. #115 photo we found in our archives. It shows Larry Clifford serving meals to some of our dear lady members at what looks like to have been a very well attended evening gathering. Among them are Vivian Birch (in the back left), Ollie Mullan (in the far back left), Harriet Benson, Leona Hart, unknown, and Lilian Connolly. As we come across other classic photos from the ‘Good Old Days’ they will be submitted for your enjoyment.

We still have 24 T-shirts of various sizes and 10 packs of hasty notes left. Shirts are $25 and hasty-notes are $10 for a pack of ten. All of them have the Place Vimy Park bench logo on them. You can contact us at rcl115@videotron.ca if you want to make an order. This sure has been a great fundraising program for our still-closed Legion Br. #115.

Back on December 5 during our drive-through fundraiser one person paid for some apparel which was back ordered. That item is now in but we have no idea who the person is as they did not leave us their name on the form they filled out. If you did pay but have not received your item, please contact us via our e-mail as above. Thank you for all your support and donations to this very worthy cause.

Sadly because of the lockdown and closure we will not be able to hold our annual Robbie Burns Dinner next weekend. This will be the first time in many, many years.

Lang may yer lum reek and maybe have a wee deoch an’ doris, just a wee dram that’s a’ on this day that we normally celebrate January 25.

(Rough translation for the non-Scots – Long may your chimney smoke and maybe have a drink at the door, a shot of Scotch whisky).

Lest we forget…

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