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L’Île-Perrot council discusses traffic and condo plans

By Jules-Pierre Malartre


Among the issues raised at the monthly L’Île-Perrot council meeting was continued analysis of the increase in rush hour traffic and how a proposed condo project may impact it.

The Town Council of L’Île-Perrot held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, March 9. Given the pandemic, the council meeting took place over the Zoom online platform, and a few residents logged in to attend the session which lasted about 50 minutes. Mayor Pierre Séguin reminded residents that the video of the meeting would be made available on the city’s website as soon as possible. He also stated the Guy Godin Public Library was still offering contact-free book lending during the pandemic. “The library will also be hosting two virtual conferences in the coming weeks,” Séguin added. Additional information will be provided on the town’s website.

Master traffic schedule

Mayor Séguin also brought up the master traffic schedule adopted by the city back in the fall of 2020. This follows the press release issued March 2 in which the town’s press officer, Alexandra Desrochers, stated the plan was, “…intended to frame the decisions and actions to be taken regarding traffic using various technical and technological tools to support analysis and decision-making on the basis of objective and measurable data,” which closely echoed the words spoken by the mayor during the council meeting. In the press release, Mayor Séguin states that due to the insular and geographical nature of the town of Île-Perrot, traffic presented a challenge of major importance. On Tuesday, February 23, the accuracy of the traffic analysis presented during the public consultation for the Azur condo project proposed on the site of the former Vieux Kitzbühel restaurant was openly criticized by some of the attending residents. The analysis predicted a mere additional 60 cars on the city’s roads from the 170 condo units of the project.

Mayor Séguin underlined the sad first anniversary of the pandemic coming March 11. He added that all residents on the island would have to make their way to Vaudreuil-Dorion’s Centre Multisports to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Dismantling of Proulx Footbridge

The mayor belabored the dismantling of the Proulx footbridge, which was announced by the city on March 5 through a press release. The decision made by the ministère des Transports du Québec is said to reduce the risk of closing down Galipeault Bridge during the spring flooding period. Mayor Séguin said he still sees the decision as having negative consequences since no alternative was put forward for L’Île-Perrot residents who made extensive use of the footbridge.

Azur Condo Project

Séguin mentioned the ongoing public consultation for the Azur condo project. The first public consultation was held February 26. He assured attendees that comments made by participants would be considered and reviewed in observance of democracy and in an atmosphere of civic respect. The second public consultation is slated for March 16. Residents who attended and made comments during the first consultation all expressed strong reservations regarding loss of their quality of life should the project go ahead. Residents living in the adjacent and affected zone interested in attending the next public consultation can send their request to attend by email to consultation@ile-perrot.qc.ca.

Train Stations refurbishment

The city approved a project to refurbish and improve the train stations on the island. Several scenarios were evaluated by all the towns on the island. Scenario 2, which calls for the fusion of the two stations and the enlargement of the resulting station on the territory of the Town of L’Ile Perrot was selected. The council approved the project anonymously.

Resident Manon Roi asked about the ‘poules pondeuses’ (laying hens) initiative. Mayor Séguin said the council was looking to move the project forward. “It’s in our thoughts, but it’s not on paper yet, and councillors on the team are bringing it up frequently,” he answered. Roi stressed that other municipalities had such programs already in place.

Mayor Séguin reminded attendees that Polystyrene plastic #6 can now be recycled on the MRC territory. Residents can bring such plastics to the Ecocentres where they will be forwarded to local Polymoss for recycling.