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Hudson Historical Society news

By Rod Hodgson


Despite being closed due to the pandemic, the Hudson Historical Society is pleased to offer two new books on local history penned in the last year.

The Hudson Historical Society has been around since 1963 and for the first time since then we have not been able to hold any meetings for over a year nor has our Museum been able to reopen. We still have no idea when we will be able to reopen and meet with our members once again.

However during the past year we have produced two new books and that brings us to 15 publications which are now available on local history. Our books are available via our web site; www.hudsonhistoricalsociety.ca and then go to the library section. They are also available at May’s Studio, 459 Main Road, Hudson.

Our latest books are Heritage and Stately Buildings of Hudson by Rod Hodgson and A Monograph of the Parish of St. Thomas Aquinas by Pat McCaffrey. That is a translation of the book done by Robert L. Séguin in 1947 for the 50th Anniversary of the Parish. It is really a history of the settlement of Hudson from 1613-1947.

We will try to keep you posted at least once a month. Stay safe.

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