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Funds disbursed to reduce the financial impacts of the pandemic on the municipalities of Soulanges


MNA Marilyne Picard has announced significant funding to help towns in Soulanges navigate the financial hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marilyne Picard, Member of Parliament for Soulanges and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Social Services released a communiqué October 7 announcing that financial assistance of $5,339,953, funded equally between the governments of Quebec and Canada, will be granted to the 16 municipalities of Soulanges as follows.

Coteau-du-Lac $465,198; Hudson $505,875; Les Cèdres $478,934; Les Coteaux $340,432, Pointe-des-Cascades $128,777; Pointe-Fortune $31,120; Rigaud $512,194; Rivière-Beaudette $143,528; Saint-Clet $110,172; Sainte-Justine-de-Newton $53,723; Sainte-Marthe $56,684; Saint-Lazare $1,680,440; Saint-Polycarpe $138,558; Saint-Telesphore $41,193; Saint-Zotique $598,805; and Très-Saint-Rédempteur $54,320.

The amount of aid was determined by two factors – the demographic weight and the impacts of the pandemic. Thanks to this assistance, municipal administrations will be able to directly cover their incurred expenses including cost increases related to public security, building adaptations, the operation of municipal day camps and democratic processes in municipalities. This support also aims to compensate for the loss of municipal income, such as from permits, duties on real estate transfers, fines and penalties and parking.

“I contacted my 16 mayors to tell them the amount for each municipality,” said MNA Picard. “They were very happy with it. These are significant amounts that can help offset all the expenses and the collateral effect due to the pandemic. I am proud to arrive today with these great sums. We are a government that listens to our municipalities and our citizens. In these difficult times, this substantial financial assistance is putting a strain on the situation.

“We are putting forward the necessary support so the municipalities can adapt to the situation and continue to provide quality services to citizens,” added Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “This is a considerable amount that we are now devoting to all municipalities in Quebec. They will thus be better equipped to deal with COVID-19, while preparing to actively contribute to the economic recovery. Ultimately, it is all communities that will benefit from this initiative.”

Financial assistance for all municipalities in Quebec is $800 million. It stems from an agreement between the governments of Quebec and Canada under the Security Relaunch Accord. Thus, an envelope of $2.3 billion will be made available to municipalities and public transport organizations to compensate for the loss of income and expenses caused by COVID-19. This aid can be used by each municipality, both in 2020 and 2021, at its convenience.

A sum of $100 million is set aside to meet any specific needs that may be established in the coming months. It will allow the regions to take into account the future repercussions of the pandemic. The use of this reserve will be specified in winter 2021.

Representatives of municipalities and municipal organizations as well as the population are also invited to consult https://quebec.ca/coronavirus. Information can also be obtained by calling 1 877 644-4545.