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Fox dies after being shot in residential neighbourhood


A senior citizen who found the dead fox on her Vaudreuil-Dorion property is warning residents to take extra care while walking on area trails.

By Carmen Marie Fabio

A 96-year-old woman living in Vaudreuil-Dorion near Hudson wants to warn her fellow residents to be vigilant when out for a walk after finding a juvenile fox shot dead on her property last November 11.

“I would like to advise all those enjoying the autumn woods that a lovely young fox was found shot a few feet from my residence where he died from his severe wound,” she wrote. The Journal has agreed to her request for anonymity.

The area in question is on Route 342 near the Ultramar gas station, in the general vicinity of residential houses, a popular restaurant, a campground and a daycare centre.

“Over the years, she’s seen fox families living on her property and raising their young,” said friend and Hudson resident Carolyn Kitzanuk. “It’s just a warning – some idiot is out there with a gun.”

Kitzanuk and the homeowner both speculate that someone in the area may be keeping chickens, a trend that has gained popularity since the COVID-19 lockdown rules first came into effect, and was protecting the birds from the fox. The town allows residents to keep two hens on lots of less than 400 sqare-metres and five hens for larger lots. Roosters are not permitted.

While they initially didn’t know what had killed the animal, Kitzanuk’s husband Alex discovered the bullet’s exit wound while placing the fox’s body into a bag for retrieval from the animal control contractor.

“The scary part of this is that people are out walking with their dogs on trails,” said Kitzanuk. The homeowner did not report hearing a shot and it’s not known if the fox was killed on her property or arrived there following the injury.

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