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Focusing on personal wellbeing at OM Bien-être | Wellness

By Jules-Pierre Malartre


Having recently opened their third location of OM Bien-être|Wellness on Main Road in Hudson, owners Alexandre Ri­vard and Jason St-Hilaire are keen to get back meeting their customers in person and to offering in-store services and workshops geared toward customers’ wellbeing.

In these trying times as the pandemic still rages on, our wellbeing is more important than ever. However, it’s hard to know what or who to turn to for help, support, and guidance. Alexandre Rivard and Jason St-Hilaire of OM Bien-être|Wellness know how hard it is to find help in these difficult times, which is why they have become omnipresent in our areas with the opening of their third boutique in the heart of Hudson.

OM Bien-être|Wellness is very present in our area with shops in Pointe-Claire, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and now Hudson. The pandemic and lockdowns were difficult for all businesses, but Alexandre and Jason know that their unique products and services are even more needed during these times. So, they endeavoured to continue to serve their growing clientele throughout the pandemic.

Working through COVID-19

“It was a big challenge,” Alexandre admits. “But our mission was to bring a positive anchor in people’s lives.” Crystals are a key feature of OM Bien-être|Wellness product and service offering. “Crystals have an energy,” Alexandre explains. “Obviously, people have to believe in them, or at least be open to the idea.” Everything OM Bien-être|Wellness offers centers around wellbeing, which is something we all strive for as we face these daily challenges.

Alexandre and Jason also offer a wide range of other products and services that center on mental health and wellness, including books on personal development and their staple product—bracelets, which are made from myriad crystals. As the pandemic recedes and people start feeling more secure, Alexandre and Jason look forward to resuming hosting ateliers and special events throughout the year.


Returning to the in-store experience

“We are now working on rebuilding the in-store experience and hosting workshops. Given physical distancing requirements, it’s not easy. But once people feel safer, we will have special events like before, as we reinvigorate the community spirit we built.” OM Bien-être|Wellness offers a number of services, including Tarot card readings and Reiki. “We are focusing on therapy services at that level,” Alexandre says. While OM Bien-être|Wellness continued to offer online workshops during the pandemic, Alexandre and Jason are happy to return to in-person activities. Workshops are offered on working with crystals, Tarot cards, the phases of the moon, and on energetic cleansing, among others.

Metaphysical and spiritual

Customers often come to the stores looking for gift ideas and they never leave disappointed. “We bring a metaphysical and spiritual element in people’s lives,” Alexandre adds. During the pandemic, people have had to face significant challenges. OM Bien-être|Wellness helped a growing number of customers face those demands and while the store could not be open to the public during the lockdowns, Alexandre and Jason made sure that they could still cater to their clients, old and new, thanks to online ordering and curbside pickups.

Focus on service

“The crystal market is exploding right now,” Alexandre adds. New stores are popping up. “There is a lot of competition, but we are very popular because we focus on service.” Listening to the client is paramount to OM Bien-être|Wellness’ approach. The boutiques have a unique Zen atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else. Alexandre and Jason have also put together an amazing team that is entirely devoted to providing their customers with the best possible shopping experience, so that everyone who visits the boutique goes home with the perfect product for their needs.

Alexandre and Jason also believe strongly in giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet goes to a charity such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation or Nova nursing services. You can visit an OM Bien-être|Wellness boutique in Pointe-Claire, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue or Hudson or you can also shop their entire line of products and services online. Consult ombienetre.com for more information and store locations.