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Here is our beautiful Bazz. He was born September 10, 2018. Bazz spent last winter living outside underneath someone's patio. Lucky for him, he was fed by the person who lived there. In the summer he came out of his shell and the lady was able to pet him. We then took him in, had him sterilized and vaccinated. Now Bazz meows when we enter the room, he wants attention. He gives us head butts to be petted and he purrs like a kitten. This big baby boy probably never stepped into a house before a month ago. Now he seeks attention and love and returns it in the cutest way. How wonderful is that? Bazz has tested positive for FIV like so many males who never got a break outside and who are homeless. That does not mean that he cannot live a normal life. He is currently healthy and requires nothing special other than TLC, a strictly indoor life, food and water.

If you are interested in adopting this lovebug for always, please write to us at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com

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