Letter to the editor 3, Sept. 9, 2020

No response

Dear Editor,

I booked the Hudson Community Centre for June 13 and 14 to hold the third edition of Photo Expo. I had eight photographers lined up for the exhibition, paid $454.15 for 1000 flyers and a banner with my Visa card, and the town cancelled all public events because of COVID-19! I have tried to get some compensation with no luck.

The booking of the Community Centre was free. I sent a copy of my bill to Hudson Council but did not get a reply. I tried the local MNA but because the event was not a registered charity.... Zilch! It was simply an event to acknowledge the skills of local photographers and bring visitors to the Town of Hudson.

I guess I will have to 'eat' the expense even though it was the town that cancelled public events.

Al Jared


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