Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 9, 2020

Saddlebrook upkeep

Dear Editor,

In support of the letter submitted by Gerry Foliot concerning the current state of Saddlebrook pond, the comments made regarding the lack of upkeep compared with Cedarbrook pond is a fact that I been aware of during the summer. I have enjoyed this site in all seasons and the difference due to only a small waterfall at Saddlebrook compared with a fountain at Cedarbrook makes for a more inviting clear water attraction to wildlife, etc. I recall there was once a fountain at the Saddlebrook pond before the bench installation. In spring I spotted a muskrat or beaver at the pond when there was still snow and ice. My walks and resting time at the bench have always been a pleasure even when I trudged in the snow so I wish we could have more care for our green spaces and development pride as we share this beautiful part of the world.

Anne Greengrove-Beauregard

Saddlebrook resident since 1977


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