Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 9, 2020

We’re all at risk

Dear Editor,


The above photograph was taken September 9 at lunchtime and show the queue of local high school students outside the IGA store in Hudson. The day before, the queue was even larger.

To my understanding of the current Quebec Government recommendations (As per CNESST) for COVID-19 prevention include physical distancing in queues both inside and outside of stores and shopping centres.

The management at the Hudson IGA are making every reasonable effort to enforce these rules. The local high school (Westwood High School) have placed a member of their staff outside the store at lunchtime to remind the students of their COVID-19 responsibilities. However, as you can see from the photograph, the students are not complying.

I am writing to you as a very concerned resident of Hudson. The government has spent a considerable amount of public money to educate all Quebecers on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and, to my knowledge, teenagers are not exempt from these government rules. I would therefore greatly appreciate knowing how the rules can be enforced. Without enforcement we are all at risk.

Russell Cotton


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