• Rod L. Hodgson – President

Legion news


(Left to right): John Dalgarno, James Parry, and Michael Elliott were on hand to help Legion President Rod Hodgson plant red chrysanthemums at the Place Vimy grounds.

Our Legion Branch #115 will reopen Friday, September 11. For three weeks we will only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m. There will be a number of special protocols for everyone to follow. These will be posted inside the Legion hall. Three of the most important are to sign the register book and of course sanitize your hands and wear a mask while walking around. Everyone must sign the book, that way we can call people back in case someone does contract COVID-19 and it is traced back to our Legion Branch #115. Hopefully not of course!

The back terrace will not be in use nor will the bar area in front of the television. The maximum allowable number of patrons is just 22. However if you are from the same bubble (husband and wife) you will be able to sit beside each other. Just ask the bartender for an extra chair. No tables or chairs already in place may be moved around.

Then on Thursday, October 1, we will open from 4 to 7 p.m. and still include Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as well. This will last for a couple of weeks on a trial basis to see how things work out before we fully reopen sometime around Thanksgiving as the curling season begins. Time will tell.

Most of our social activities will not be held this fall. Cribbage, Sunday Scrabble, Wednesday Bridge, and Pub Quiz are four that will not be returning due to the lack of social distancing among players at each table. This seating arrangement cannot be done anyway for the time being. Friday Night Dinners are also cancelled for the time being. Hopefully by January, if we get a vaccine, things will improve.

We will have a short ceremony outside at Place Vimy to unveil the new park bench that is being donated by the family of a WW II veteran who passed away earlier this year and a special WW II Memorial group. You will all be advised of this as soon as we know when it will be arriving. A small brass plaque will be installed in memory of the veteran who was at D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Please do not feel that you are obligated to rush back when we open. Your health and those around you is the most important. Also if anyone has been out of the country in the two weeks prior you will not be permitted inside. As ever, the health and welfare of our members are essential to us. For the reopening of our branch, we will therefore apply public health measures put in place by the Provincial Government and the CNESST. We hope to offer you an environment where you will have the chance to interact socially and entertain yourself while taking in account social distancing, physical separation (Plexiglas) at the bar, implementation of procedures reducing close contacts, and use of personal protection (face mask). The details relating to the application of these measures will be communicated to you in the coming weeks.

Consequently, please note that any derogation to the rules we establish will result in the immediate closing of the bar and the branch.

On Friday, September 4th Mike Elliott, John Dalgarno, James Parry and myself planted 38 new red chrysanthemums around Place Vimy. Another 56 were sold to some of our lucky members. A nice little fundraiser for our Branch #115 organized by our 1st VP Mike Elliott. They should be in full bloom in about a week or so. We have just six left of various colours, please contact us at rcl115@videotron.ca; first come first served at $20 each.

Special get well wishes go out to our dear friend and fellow Legionaire Jim Markham who is currently in the hospital. Our thoughts go out to you and hope that you will soon be home among your pals back here at Branch #115.

Lest we forget…