Letter to the editor 2, Sept 3, 2020

The marketing of a monster

Dear Editor,

After spending four days watching the GOP (Grand Old Party) republican convention I ended up in dire need of a barf bag, a punching bag and a word processor to help express my disgust, my frustration, my anger and my serious concern for the future of mankind.

Over those four days I saw more flag-waving than at any Fourth of July parade, more verbal nationalistic diarrhea than was ever excreted at any National Socialist party reunion, more calling on the name of Jesus Christ than I’m sure he himself experienced in his approximately 33 years on this earth and more insincerity than a second rate preacher in a $10,000 suit can spew out at a tent revival in Kentucky on a hot summer night.

You had five immigrants being naturalized to great fanfare while approximately 800,000 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) residents of the great USA are living in fear of deportation and kids are in cages.

You had two ex-prisoners being pardoned to great fanfare while Americans were being threatened with sentences of 10 years in prison for defacing a statue or tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and beaten with batons for peacefully demonstrating against racism, murder, and injustice.

You had the Ms. Pam Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, condemning democrat nominee Joe Biden for nepotism while Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner hold high White House office and the president’s sons Eric and Donald conduct millions of dollars of international business all in the name of the Trump Organization.

You had the president’s daughter applauding her father’s attacks on human traffickers while ignoring the fact he had nothing negative to say about Ghislaine Maxwell, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s enabler in the sex trafficking of minor girls and he even went so far as to wish her well.

You had some African Americans praising the president for his work on their behalf while ignoring the fact that many of his strongest supporters are white supremacists and his silence on their spreading hatred is deafening.

You had women praising his work on equality while ignoring 25-plus allegations of sexual misconduct, his long list of infidelities and his own recorded words bragging about being so rich and famous he could do anything – even grab them by the genitalia.

Very little was said about the over 180,000 deaths by COVID-19 to date and the 300,000 deaths forecast by December. His failing efforts to curb the virus were loudly applauded by the 1500 invited attendees who were closely seated on the South Lawn of the White House with very few wearing masks.

Very little was said about systemic racism in the USA and the excessive force used by some police officers while much was made of the riots, looting, and violence in the streets most of which was the work of outside agitators capitalizing on the nobility and righteousness of thousands of peaceful marchers

The GOP convention was marketing at its very best. A man with no empathy was marketed as empathic, a man with no heart was marketed as loving, a man with no soul was marketed as spiritual, and a man with no moral integrity was marketed as a champion of law and order.

Beware America because your future and the future of the world might depend on it. Beware of the decorated box covered with pretty paper and pretty ribbons concealing a poison within.

With good marketing you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. This GOP convention was absolute proof that if you have the enough money to buy the best talent you can make a silk designer purse out of a sow’s ass.

Frank Hicks