Letter to the editor 2, August 27, 2020

Do the decent thing

Dear Editor,

This is in response to last week’s letter from Gerry Foliot titled, ‘Why is the pond at the entrance to Saddlebrook on Steeplechase so neglected by the Town of Saint-Lazare?’

For the past few years, my wife and I also found it so appalling how the front entrance pond was truly neglected. For Councillor Geneviève Lachance (District 1) to state that no one lodged a complaint is such a poor and lame excuse. Is that what it takes to maintain a beautiful pond and surrounding grounds by the town of Saint-Lazare?

The town has been maintaining the soccer fields all summer with seed, watering, and mowing that no one has used because of COVID-19. Maybe they should maintain the green spaces, fallen branches by the road side, ragweed, dirty street signs that need cleaning.… Perhaps Councillor Lachance should take it upon herself as well, and drive through her district neighborhoods monthly and see for herself what needs to be maintained and addressed by the Public Works Department.

We have resided here for 39 years. Ivor McLeod designed the beautiful entrance and pond area he was very proud of. If he saw it today he would be so distraught seeing the way it has been uncared for and unkempt. For many years there were two pairs of white geese that entertained the local citizens until they became too territorial.

The beautiful green spaces throughout Saddlebrook that Ivor designed into the landscape were meant to be focal points to the streets. Visitors who come to visit Saddlebrook were envious of our huge pine trees and spaces of natural beauty. Now homeowners who reside on or near a park area take it upon themselves to dump their debris from their own properties in piles in the parks. I don’t believe for one moment these were Ivor’s intentions and he would be mortified by the disrespect for these woods by the residents.

Please respect our beautiful green spaces and if you see rubbish, bottles, or cans tossed into or by the woods, or on your street, please do the decent thing and pick it up. Take pride as a homeowner and of your neighbourhood and pass on the message to any of your own children as well. Set an example.

Unfortunately, the very people this applies to and need to read this will be the ones who won’t.

Geordie Vincent William



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