Letter to the editor 4, August 20, 2020

Now hear this

Dear Editor,

On August 1 I parked my car at the IGA lot to do my food shopping quite early that morning. At home, hours later, I thought I wasn’t hearing as well as I ought to with my hearing aid and I decided to make sure it was properly turned on when I discovered it wasn’t even installed, so I went to retrieve it in its case which I found open and empty! Not a good sign!

Obviously I had put it on as I’d thought and now had to do a search of the house and car (with a flashlight) without success. I was sinking into reconciliation mode at my loss, and decided to at least do the last thing, check with IGA to see if it had been tuned in there, but no such luck. Another last thing, go to check out the parking spot I’d used where another car was now parked (probably the last of several for it had now been a couple of hours) and where a nice young man in the adjoining parking lot offered to help and promptly got down on his knees to have a look under the car, reached in and pulled out my intact hearing aid! I couldn’t believe it! Thanked him profusely and suggested this was a prompt to get a 6/49!

I suspect that in my need to remove the mask I’d worn to shop, as I was entering my car I must have inadvertently pulled out my hearing aid.

Here is a lesson for anyone who wears such a device. Terry Ballantyne Vaudreuil-Dorion

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