Letter to the editor 2, August 20, 2020

Why is the pond at the entrance to Saddlebrook on Steeplechase so neglected by the Town of Saint-Lazare?

Dear Editor,


The green scum floating on the surface of a pond in the Saddlebrook area of Saint-Lazare has resident Gerry Foliot wandering why the general area has been neglected.

In comparison to the beautiful pond at the entrance to the Cedarbrook section of the town that sports a beautiful fountain, the pond in Saddlebrook, once the envy of all our visitors and other communities, has been left to look like green ‘mush.’

As a longtime resident (33 years) in the area, it is most disappointing to have to look at this unsightly mess. In conversation with Genevieve Lachance councillor for Saint-Lazare’s District 1, she claims that I am the only one who complains about it. Maybe so, but perhaps I might mention that not many people in the area even know who the representative for Saddlebrook is.

The area as whole has been totally neglected. Over the past few years, the grass along the side of the road is no longer being cut and is full of ragweed and a lot of poison ivy. The nice little ‘parquettes’ on many roads now consist of fallen trees and rubbish that has been deposited by thoughtless residents. Some residents in the area have left piles of dead branches at the side of the road and no one seems to care. Some residents don’t even cut their lawns. Inspectors from the city should at least go by and tell them that branch pick-up only take place at given times and remove them.

I trust that by this letter I can reach out and get some support from my neighbours to rally the town for a little action in the area

Gerry Foliot

A Longtime Saddlebrook resident