Letter to the editor 2, August 13, 2020

Suffer the Children

Dear Editor,

As a child I spent my free summer days outdoors with friends and my vivid imagination playing in a fairy-tale land of cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and the count of Monte Cristo. I used my penknife to carve tree branches into bows and arrows, medieval swords and frontier rifles. When winter came I threw on my heavy winter clothes, rubber boots and toque, and headed outdoors to build snow forts, snowmen and toboggan ride down bumpy hills laughing all the rocky way to the bottom.

As a family we ate together, played together and prayed together. It was perfect except for the fact that as children we would shoot each other with cap guns, give each other bloody noses and fall out of trees. Life was simple and childhood was as it should be.

I’m concerned about today’s children, especially during these trying times of lockdown. Instead of playing outdoors, many of them are living indoors surfing the net or texting on their cell phones. The radios in their rooms play songs with sexually explicit lyrics, their pop star heroes often promote licentious behavior and their movies show content not suitable for children. When not watching television they are playing video games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto promoting a violent and reckless lifestyle. To add to their problems we see alcoholic beverages disguised in caramel, chocolate, and fruit juice flavours and cannabis sold as Gummy Bears.

Children are sold the bill of goods that success should be judged by the content of your bank account rather than the content of their hearts, souls and minds. Simple pleasures are considered boring while reckless, self-serving and dangerous lifestyles are considered cool. Modesty and chastity is classified as mundane and outdated while exhibitionism and promiscuity is promoted as normal, exciting, and daring.

Predators who once prowled city streets and laneways are now browsing the web looking for submissive victims.

My concern is for the health, welfare, and future of our children. The magic and innocence of a happy and imaginative childhood should not be racing down the tracks of time like an out of control express train. It should be a long, slow, leisurely stroll down a pathway filled with tooth fairies, Easter bunnies, Santa Claus, whimsical cartoon characters and the absolute joy of a vivid imagination and a loving environment.

We need to protect our children from all threats whether they be intentional or unintentional to their minds, to their bodies, to their souls and ultimately to their hopefully happy, successful and bright adolescent futures.

Frank Hicks


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