Letter to the editor 3, July 30, 2020

Help reunite families

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter because I am currently in the process of sponsoring my husband and I would like to share with you the daily suffering many Canadians, like me, are experiencing due to our prolonged separation. I have been with my husband for four years. We have not been able to physically see each other for seven months, and we have been waiting 10 months for our application to be approved. Spousal sponsorship applications are currently being delayed due to COVID-19, and visitations denied even before the pandemic. While most families have been asked to stay at home together during this time, our families are being ripped apart. Our mental, emotional, and psychological health is being stretched beyond their limits, and government officials are not viewing our concerns as a priority. The long distances across oceans and continents have left us wondering when we will be able to see each other again. We have been left out of the June 8 announcement to, “reunite foreign family members with Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.” Family reunification is listed as a priority in numerous laws and government publications. I am asking Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to uphold its mission according to their Immigration program. Our families can come to Canada safely with an effective quarantine plan, protective materials, and testing being completed.

A Group Fact Sheet is available at: tinyurl.com/y5vlbe8m. Sincerely,

Lyne Gendron Valleyfield

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