• John Jantak

Pincourt mayor says city will work to keep shopping mall intact


Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal said the city is still working with the management group from the Faubourg de l’Île shopping plaza to help revitalize the mall despite another recent store closure.

Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal said the city will do what it can to help preserve the Faubourg de L’Île shopping plaza despite the recent closure of yet another shop within the mall.

The popular coffee outlet Kaffecino has become the latest store to shut its doors. The closure means that more than half the available retail spaces within the mall have their storefronts shuttered.

‘Tough for everyone’

“The Faubourg had problems before and now with the pandemic outbreak it hasn’t helped their situation at all,” Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal told The Journal during a telephone interview July 28. “I think the coffee shop closed because of COVID-19. The Faubourg has no control over that.”

The mayor said the problem isn’t exclusive to the Faubourg. “All the indoor malls like the Faubourg have had the same problems throughout Quebec. It’s been tough for everyone,” said Cardinal.

Loss of commercial tax revenue

The persistent empty retail space is causing the city to lose much-needed commercial tax revenue but the true scale of the loss will only be known next year. Cardinal also said it was doubtful citizens would have to pay higher residential property taxes to make up for the commercial tax shortfall.

The city is still working together with officials from the Faubourg’s owners Groupe Quint to try to find ways to breathe new life into the mall. “We’re trying to find a solution because we have a financial responsibility to our citizens. We don’t want to lose everything that’s a part of the Faubourg which is why we keep working with them to find a solution for some time next year,” said Cardinal.

“We keep having discussions with them. They expressed interest in possibly changing the vocation of the mall but it’s not simple. It’s really not easy,” Cardinal added.

Condos not an option for time being

Some people on social media have speculated that condos could be built to replace the Faubourg but Cardinal replied that isn’t an option for the time being. “If there is a major change that would take place we would have to change the by-law. There has been no request made by the management of the Faubourg for this type of change,” said Cardinal.

For the mayor, his priority is to keep working with the management from the Faubourg to find ways to rejuvinate the mall in response to citizen’s concerns about keeping the building intact. Mayor Cardinal reiterated the city will do what it can to preserve it.

Citizens encouraged to buy locally

“We’re standing alongside our citizens and are asking them to support our businesses by buying locally,” said Cardinal.

On a positive note, the mayor said a new butcher shop opened on the corner of Boulevard Cardinal-Léger and Fifth Avenue. A new ground floor commercial enterprise with three floors of condo units is also being built on the west side of Cardinal-Léger near Fifth Avenue.

The city is also looking into creating a revitalization project along a small stretch of Fifth Avenue west of Cardinal-Léger to attract additional small businesses into the area.

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