• John Jantak

Saint-Lazare launches outdoor entertainment activities


‘Le Amazing Phil’ is one of the scheduled entertainers taking part in a series of outdoor events for Saint-Lazare residents in one of the city’s many parks this summer.

The recreation department in Saint-Lazare is offering cultural entertainment in various neighbourhood parks to bring some respite and entertainment to residents amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents are asked to bring their chairs, blankets and disinfectant to the events and are advised that parking spaces are limited in some parks. All events are reserved exclusively for Saint-Lazare residents.

Bringing a sense of normalcy

For Mayor Robert Grimaudo, the events are meant to bring a sense of normalcy amid an abnormal situation. “There are different types of entertainment that are being offered. People have to register first if they wish to attend. Instead of having one large event as we used to have where the whole town was invited, we’re now doing smaller events,” said Grimaudo.

“Now we’ll be going into different areas of the town in various parks and basically providing the same kind of entertainment as we were doing previously on Rue Bédard during Les St. LazARTS near the IGA,” Grimaudo added.

Boosting morale

The town was inspired to create the activities for its citizens in an attempt to boost their morale, said the mayor. “With everything being cancelled this year, there were no Fête nationale or Canada Day festivities. It’s good to have different things going on in the town. Our residents still need things to do even though we are limited in doing what we can do,” said Grimaudo.

“It was a very good incentive on the part of the recreation department and there’s money in the budget to stage these types of events of entertainment and shows. I think it’s great our citizens will still be able to enjoy certain types of entertainment even though we are very limited as to what we can do.”

50-person limit per event

In light of the sanitary instructions imposed by the provincial government, a maximum of 50 people will be allowed to gather outdoors at each of the events while respecting social distancing guidelines. A waiting list will be created if the maximum number of participants is reached.

Once registered, if anyone is experiencing COVID-like symptoms on the day of the activity or if they are unable to attend for any other reason, they are asked to cancel as soon as possible or at the latest by noon on the day of the activity to allow other people on the list to participate.

“It is very clear that we expect residents to abide by the regulations that have been put in place regarding social distancing, wearing a mask and taking other precautions. From what I’ve seen in Saint-Lazare so far, our residents have been spectacular in adhering to the regulations regarding COVID-19,” said Grimaudo.

A sense of community

“I have no doubt that this will not be an issue. People are very respectful of others and there is a sense of community that clearly shows that people are respecting the regulations that are in place,” he added.

In case of rain, all shows will take place outdoors under the big top at the Parc nature les Forestiers de Saint-Lazare on 2800 Chemin Lotbinière.

Residents interested in participating must register online and include all members of their family who will at attend at www.ville.saint-lazare.qc.ca/en/enligne. A valid resident ID card is required for each participant to be able to register.