Letter to the editor 4, July 23, 2020

Mask wearers beware

Dear Editor,

I felt I should write to warn everyone to check their masks before putting them on! I had a horrible experience yesterday which has made me determined to alert other people.

Last week, I washed my reusable mask and left it on the line to dry. When it rained, I forgot to bring it in and left it out.

No problem you might think but yesterday, my husband and I raced out to an appointment and I pulled my dry mask off the line to take with me.

Later on in the day, whilst in a shop wearing my mask, I felt some discomfort as if, (I thought) a bit of nylon thread was scraping my cheek.

When I got outside I whipped off my mask and discovered a spider had burrowed into the mask! And it had been biting me happily for a good minute resulting in a swollen cheek.

It was my fault I know for leaving my mask out and not thinking I needed to check it. I kept as calm as possible and went to a chemist immediately. They were all pretty horrified and prescribed a cream, reassuring me that there are no deadly spiders in Canada.

But it was a horrible experience and even the chemist said he would warn people to check their masks!

I'm not particularly scared of spiders but this experience has put me off for life!

Everyone - check your masks!

Becky Compton


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