Letter to the editor 3, July 23, 2020

Elegy for Sandy Beach

Dear Editor,

Hear my cry, hear the cry of the Earth.

We moved to Hudson in 2003. Hudson, first city to ban pesticides in Canada, Jack Layton’s native town. Hudson, le Nichoir and fair trade.

Hudson, community farm and organic apple orchard

Hudson, where I was greeted the first morning by a rabbit at the entrance door. Such a grace, a blessing.

Our industrial civilization has abused our precious planet.

When we arrived on this continent, we believed we knew everything and we ignored what the First Nations knew intuitively.

A civilization which destroys the Earth is barbarism.

It’s time to create something new, something beautiful, something loving for all creatures living with us on Mother Earth.

Earth, our precious planet, never needed so much more love, the great healer, than right now.

“Love is the most universal, the most tremendous, and the most mysterious of cosmic energies.” – Teilhard de Chardin.

Sandy Beach, I would like to say something beautiful, simple and true to honour you, to ask forgiveness and relearn how to love you.

Sandy Beach, you are part of the Earth born four billion years ago, a source of water, of life, a miracle, a gift.

Sandy Beach, we have treated you like an object and used you for our benefit.

Sandy Beach, development means desecration of your essence.

Sandy Beach, I am crying rivers as you are also crying rivers. Let us heal each other, and the Earth which contains us all.

Earth is going through a true ecological disaster and cannot go on like this.

My husband and I, as billions of living beings, cannot go on like this.

In humanity resides an amazing creativity given by the Universe.

We can create together a new way of being, a new civilization mutually beneficial for all humans, all beings, and the Earth.

Call me naïve, call me a dreamer. Nobody has the answer.

Love is All.

Marie-Andrée Michaud