Letter to the editor 4, July 16, 2020

Keep your distance

Dear Editor,

Some of my friends and I were quite shocked to see the photo of the new pub's staff on the front page of last week's The Journal. With emphasis on physical distancing, I wonder why no one in the photo was distancing. In my mind, this is not good PR for the owners of the pub who are also pictured together without distancing (father and son the exception). They say they will be adhering to the COVID-19 restaurant guidelines. Let's hope they will do so.

We know the incidents of COVID-19 is rising amongst young people because many are not respecting guidelines. As a senior over 75, I am very mindful of masks, distancing and handwashing. If everyone respected their fellow human beings, we would have a chance to slow down the spread of this dreadful virus.

Marlene Donegan


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