• John Jantak

New traffic lights and electric charging public parking lot for L’Île-Perrot


Morning rush hour traffic on Grand Boulevard in L’Île-Perrot approaching the Galipeault Bridge should be substantially alleviated with the installation of sensor-activated traffic lights at the corner of 4th Avenue.

Early-morning commuter traffic woes leading to the eastbound on-ramp to the Galipeault Bridge on Highway 20 from Grand Boulevard in L’Île-Perrot have prompted city officials to install four new on-demand traffic lights at the intersection of 4th Avenue.

The decision to install the lights was made after the city hired an external engineering firm to conduct a traffic study to find solutions to various problems. The high volume and consistent flow of traffic on Grand heading towards Highway 20 eastbound means that residents on 4th and other side streets have had a difficult time turning onto the boulevard especially during the morning rush hour.

“We did a traffic circulation study in the city and found out that traffic lights are necessary for the people who live there to exit their neighbourhood. It’s something these residents need because leaving is pretty difficult,” L’Île-Perrot press attaché Alexandra Desrochers told The Journal.

Sensor activated

The traffic lights will be activated with a sensor that will detect when a vehicle approaches the intersection along 4th which will automatically turn the lights red on Grand. The detection system will also indicate when traffic along the avenue is at its peak which will enable the change cycle to be adjusted according to demand.

The traffic lights on Grand will remain green at all other times. They will also be synchronized with the ones at the intersection of Grand and Boulevard Perrot and will ensure better traffic flow towards Highway 20. “This is the best way to improve traffic circulation in the area,” said Desrochers.


New parking lot will include future charging stations

Construction is currently taking place at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Perrot Boulevard to build a new public parking lot that will be used by residents and visitors alike. Electric vehicle charging stations will also be installed later this year.

“It’s a parking place for citizens and for everyone else who is coming to our city. The electric charging stations will be available for everyone who wants to recharge their cars,” said Desrochers.

It is not known at present whether there will be a fee to use the electric charging stations. “We’re not installing the charging stations right now. They will be in place by the end of the year so we’re not sure for the moment,” she said.

Bioretention system

The surrounding land will also be landscaped and include a bioretention system to make the parking lot environmentally-friendly, said Desrochers. A bioretention system is comprised of parcels of land that have native species of plants which are able to absorb rainwater and water runoff into the ground while filtering out contaminants.

The city is also planning on adding two more parking lots with recharging stations near the community centre on Boulevard Perrot. “For example if someone is coming for an activity at the community centre, they’ll be able to recharge their vehicle,” said Desrochers. The parking lot at the intersection of Boulevard Perrot and 7th Avenue is expected to be completed by July 30.

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