Letter to the editor 3, July 3, 2020

Dog owners beware

Dear Editor,

Our family dog of over 14 years died on St-Jean Baptiste. I am sharing this with you because she died of something she was vaccinated against yet it came on very quickly during a holiday. We had no idea.

Gigi was less than 2 years into a 3-year vaccination schedule. We got her as a puppy and thought we had her covered for all the serious things a dog could get. She had a bout of diarrhoea right after having eaten supper. She had been fairly normal to us but it had been incredibly hot and thought maybe going from hot to cold to hot had upset her system. Just before bed she vomited. We walked her and she had more diarrhoea and vomited again. It was late at night now on a holiday and maybe we were naive. Actually, clearly, we were.

We thought she had had a bug and had probably thoroughly gotten rid of it all, like a bad gastro. She had vomiting and diarrhoea before and it always passed. Unfortunately in the morning she had a bleeding from her rectum and by the time we got her to the veterinarian, it was probably too late.

She tried hard and she seemed to rally with the IV fluids and antibiotics but unfortunately she died within 24 hours. She died from the parvovirus.

Please, please everyone be careful. Due to the pandemic, lots of dogs and puppies have been adopted and it’s probably been tough getting them vaccinated, all or partially. Some dogs are more susceptible due to their size, breed or age but this has been a terrible shock.

In hindsight now, I heard her tummy gurgling really loudly in the afternoon. But Gigi was always hungry and maybe I didn’t pay it the attention I should have? I don’t know, but she was not lethargic or disinterested in her food, which are common precursors. The disease came on swiftly and we are now bereft. This letter is to hopefully prevent anyone else from suffering a needless loss.

Make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

Elianna Beckman


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