Update on Cole Dreger


Two years after the Château du Lac fundraiser for former Hudsonite Cole Dreger following his battle with a brain aneurysm, his uncle reports Cole is doing well and sends love and thanks to his home town.

Life getting back on track thanks to 2018 Château du Lac fundraiser

In April of 2018, The Journal reported on the story of a special fundraiser that took place at Hudson’s Château du Lac in support of 32 year-old Hudsonite Cole Dreger who was then recovering from emergency surgery at the Montreal Neurological Institute following a brain aneurysm a couple of weeks prior and faced a long road of recovery before resuming any kind of a normal life.

The event raised a staggering $14,000 with all the money going to Cole's uncle, David Brooks, who allocated the funds accordingly until Cole got back on his feet.

The organizing team consisted of Stephanie Lapointe, Mike Gervais, Francine Martin, Sean McAllister, and Melanie Lachapelle, as well as the Château staff - with special shout out to Lindsay Lubell Smith - James Randall, Alicia Aird, and Shane Halfyard. As well as Jordan Drisdelle who loaned the games for the day.

The artists who performed on stage included Seiji Gutierrez, The Black Cadillacs, Dave Randall who also loaned his equipment and did sound for all the other artists, André Maillet, and The Guilbros.

“I cannot even begin to describe what this has all meant to me,” said Cole at the time. “Words escape me. I stopped by briefly but had to leave as I was in tears. And still am in a way, but in a positive sense. The love that was shown to me was overwhelming and I would like to thank everyone who came out to support me during these difficult times. It really shows what a wonderful, caring community we live in and it is something that I will remember all my life.”

This week, David Brooks contacted The Journal to provide an update.

“Cole has been living in Halifax now for almost two years,” Brooks wrote. “He has been working part time at the local Sobeys as much as the doctors will let him, and he was just informed that he was selected as employee of the month. I am so happy for him.

“It's been a little over two years since the people of Hudson and Saint-Lazare came out to support him with the fundraiser that was organized by his family and friends. Because of everyone's generosity, he has had the chance to turn things around. His health is very good although still requires some attention which he is managing. As a side note he has been teetotal for two years. He still has 20 per cent of the money left from the fundraiser account. He has been able to get his driver's license back, repay some debt, move into his own shared place and now that he is trying to work at Sobeys full time, we hope he will be able to save and keep a small nest egg.

“So again, Cole would like to send a huge thankyou to all who supported him in whatever way you did. He misses you all – thank-you.

You all should be very proud of what you did.

Uncle Dave”

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