• Brian Gallagher

KITA columnist releases new CD

Shameless plug ahead! Yes I am also proud to announce that my 2nd solo album ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and all the days in between’ will officially be released this Friday, June 12. It is comprised of eight songs that I wrote during the lockdown in March and April, 2020. The songs deal with the struggles of loss, isolation and personal change that we have all been experiencing in 2020. It is an acoustic album for the most part with a couple of guest appearances.

You can listen to or download it at https://gallagherofficial.bandcamp.com for now and it will be available on Spotify, iTunes and all other music platforms by July 1. Apparently there is such a backlog of music being uploaded to the worldwide interweb that it is taking up to five weeks to get it there. Great to see so much music being created nowadays!


June 12th will also be the release date for my new video of the lead track on this album ‘Little Miss Hurricane’ which I am excited to share. You will be able to see it on my Facebook page or on my Youtube channel: tinyurl.com/ybm3ex2c

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