Letter to the editor 1, June 4, 2020

Give peace a chance

Dear Editor,

The death of George Floyd was brutal and tragic and the reaction of many Minnesotans is understandable. It's normal to want to strike back when innocent lives are destroyed, injustice is tolerated and encouraged and peaceful demonstrations are greeted with aggression and violence but normal doesn’t always equate to right.

How many black and white innocent lives have to be sacrificed on the altar of retribution before people will open their eyes to truth? Does becoming a monster defeat a monster or do you just end up having two monsters in the room?

Racism is the enabler of the ignorant. If you want to defeat racism you don't become a racist. You organize peaceful demonstrations, you attack economic targets by holding back your purchasing power, you vote, you educate, and you use the powers of the internet and the social media to inform, not intimidate.

The blood of one innocent man, woman, or child is impossible to wash off your hands. A murderer is not only the man or woman who commits the brutal act but also the one who encouraged it, incited it, and enabled the perpetrator.

Respectable, honest, and sincere people are doing the right thing by demonstrating for justice and their quest, at times, is being hijacked by opportunists trying to create a mob mentality where no one’s life or property is respected

Agitators with their own agendas are out there fanning the flames of hatred and discord and some believe their actions to be righteous. They are not.

Putting your knee on the throat of a handcuff-bound man lying on the ground and choking the life out of him is not only wrong and barbaric, it is criminal.

Putting you knee on the throat of a small businessman and choking the life out of his dream is not only wrong, it is criminal.

Putting you knee on the throat of a police officer whose only crime was doing his job and trying to serve and protect all the citizens in his district is not only wrong, it is criminal.

Standing by and watching a man murdered, a business destroyed, or an innocent officer of the law viciously attacked is not only wrong, it is criminal.

As Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and John Lennon all proclaimed, “Demonstrate, yes; feel righteous anger, yes; seek positive change, yes; but give peace a chance.”

Frank Hicks


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