Celebrate your child’s graduation in The Journal


With the COVID-19 pandemic changing virtually everything in our lives so far, many students will not get to enjoy the rite of passage that is graduation, the culmination of so much hard work.

But you can commemorate your child's achievement by submitting a photo and short write-up to The Journal for the low cost of $9.50.

We will run a full-colour graduation keepsake section later in June. Please submit a photo with the following information:

  • Student's name

  • Which town they live in

  • Which school they would be graduating from

  • A few notes from the family, not exceeding 100 words please! Payable by PayPal or credit card. Please email admin@yourlocaljournal.ca.

Anyone graduating is eligible, whether from elementary school, secondary school, Cegep, or university. And wearing the grad hat is completely optional.

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