Message from our Member of Parliament Peter Schiefke


Vaudreuil-Soulanges Member of Parliament Peter Schiefke congratulates the region’s residents for the outstanding display of community cooperation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

This week, I would like to extend a message of immense gratitude.

Over the last two months, we have individually and collectively navigated our way through the storm brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all we, as a community of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, have remained steadfast and positive. It has made the difference in outcomes from a health standpoint and has once again brought us closer together, ironically at a time when we have to keep our distance.

I know that there are families just like my own who are counting the days until we can be reunited with our loved ones. It is hard to be physically distanced from those we love the most, and it is inspiring to see stories of those who have found innovative solutions to continue to meaningfully connect while respecting the rules that keep us healthy and safe.

Our community has always known how to stand up in the face of adversity and how to help one another during challenging situations. We need only look at the historic floods of recent years.

We were tested then, as we are now. As was the case then, we should all be proud of the way we have come together and of the spirit of community and caring expressed during this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in.

Whether it is local restauranteurs providing free meals to our healthcare workers, businesses retooling to produce much needed medical supplies, parades of cars wishing neighbours a happy birthday, firefighters showing their solidarity at the front steps of the Manoir Hardwood, essential service workers putting in extra hours in demanding circumstances, food banks and shelters burning the wick at both ends helping those in need, or the simple act of proudly draping a rainbow in a window, this is what we are all about and this is who we truly are as a community.

It has been a trying time to be sure, with anxiety levels high, and questions about our future in no short supply. Through it all, my team and I will continue to do all we can to serve you, Monday to Saturday, to respond to your messages at or calls at (450) 510-2305.

Let us continue to remain strong as a community. Let us continue to serve one another and to keep our neighbours and our loved ones safe and healthy.

In doing so, I have no doubt that we will emerge from this challenge more united than ever.

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