Letter to the editor, March 30, 2020


Dear Editor On our way to the park on Friday we were followed and stopped in the parking lot by an SQ officer. We were both sure that he was stopping us to tell us that we weren’t allowed in the park or to make sure we were practicing physical distancing, but no. He was in fact stopping us because some of the paint had come off our licence plate and the numbers were hard to read. We couldn’t help but notice that the young police officer was not wearing gloves nor was he keeping any special distance. He asked for all the documents (licence, registration, etc.) My husband asked if he could get out of the car to get his wallet out of his back pocket.,the officer agreed but did not back up and was now quite close to my husband. He took the cards and went back to his vehicle to check them. He came back and handed the cards to my husband. No gloves, no hand washing, no sanitizer and no distance. Is this how our police are handling the Corvid19 pandemic? He did have some advice though, he told us that whenever the SAAQ re-opens we need to get a new plate because car thieves use old plates to put on old cars that they steal and our 1999 Ford Escort is a target. Wait, what? First of all we do not appreciate that the officer put us at risk of the virus for something that we can’t even do anything about right now. In fact we were disgusted by it. We have done everything we are supposed to do in the past weeks. Neither one of us is going out to work, we are staying home (except to walk the dogs ), no visitors, no visiting, staying as far away from people as we can. We haven’t even been to a store. Second of all, wouldn't that police officer’s time have been better spent controlling the crowds of people in either of our town’s grocery stores or giving out parking tickets to cars illegally parked in the fire truck zones in the grocery store parking lots? Or may be telling the group of 6 young teens that we saw walking down the street, with zero distancing, to go home?

Shelley Edwards


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