Letter to the editor, March 24, 2020

Democracy must go one despite Covid-19

Dear Editor, Reading from last week's article "Saint-Lazare council files sanction against Director General", it seems very clear, in my opinion, that St. Lazare council had no other choice but to file that sanction against Director General Serge Tremblay. I have no doubt that the 5 councillors who voted in favor of the resolution, especially in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, displayed bravery and take their mission as legislators very seriously indeed. Such a resolution is never a popular choice and is often times a legislative tool of last resort, after all other options have been exhausted, to rein in someone who, for example, may have gotten carried away from its primary tasks by conflicting priorities. In my view, the fact that Mayor Robert Grimaudo was kept out of the conversation about that resolution only goes on the show that he seems to be politically isolated and distrusted by councillors. While in confinement, there is ample time for Mayor Grimaudo to address the root cause of the sanction against the DG and work for the healing of it. The crisis will eventually end, at which point DG and Mayor will have to resume working with the democratically elected council. Benjamin Poirier

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