Letter to the editor 3, March 23, 2020

Dear Editor,

There is a group of people who work in the background for all of us Canadians who, based on our recent experiences in Peru and Costa Rica, are unsung heroes. We were with The Pure Art Foundation volunteers who completed four houses plus much more work on the ground in the slums, during the second week of March.

On arrival, we registered on the Canadian government website as being in Peru and Costa Rica. In addition, we sent an email to the email addresses of the Canadian consulates for each country. We were sent numerous updates and also personal responses from individuals at each consulate as the situation changed. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues chose to go to Macha Pichu while we went on to Costa Rica.

Those in Peru were blindsided by the Peruvian government who closed in and out flights to all of Peru and put the whole country on lockdown with no notice.

We are home and I would suggest that everyone registers with the government websites and advise local consulates of the details of where you can be reached and where you are staying. These Canadian Foreign Service people are dedicated, hardworking and protect us all while in the areas where they have been posted.

I am so happy we live in this country!

Bob Johnson


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