Letter to the editor 2, March 19, 2020

Love your neighbour by caring

Dear Editor,

Someone asked me if I was worried about the COVID-19 Virus and my answer was....

Yes, I'm worried about people losing their jobs, homes, businesses, life savings and their lives. I'm worried about old people in nursing homes, unable to cope for themselves and not getting the care they need while suffering the mental anguish of separation from loved ones. I’m worried about people in financial distress due to loss of income going without a roof over their head, food on the table, or the medications they need to survive. I’m worried about people losing friends and family members and not being able to deal with the loss because of all the other turmoil going on in their lives. I'm worried about the sick, the lonely, and the depressed. I’m worried that the actions taken to defeat this virus could, in the long run, cause enough stress and mental fatigue to take more lives than the virus itself.

I am not worried about myself because this too shall pass and my life will eventually return to normal as will the lives of many of my neighbours.

The one positive message we should take from this horrible pandemic is that we all share the same planet and what effects one of us can affect all of us. We are in this together and by standing together and working together there is nothing we cannot overcome.

Pandemonium must not be permitted to creep into our lives. Overreactions, like buying all the toilet paper and hand sanitizers on the shelves of the supermarket, emptying our bank accounts and excessive overstocking of medications must be recognized as what they are, the selfish and self-defeating acts of the desperate.

You love your neighbour by practicing good personal hygiene. You love your neighbour by self-isolating if you have a sore throat, a fever, or a persistent dry cough. You love your neighbour by remaining in quarantine with family members you have been in contact with for at least 14 days after all your symptoms have abated.

You love your neighbour by caring.

Frank Hicks


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