• Brian Gallagher

The cat came back

So by now all you beauties know about our little buddy Hobbes and his kidney disease. First off – he seems to be doing better and he is getting stronger day by day. Out of the woods? Not sure. But the bestie is quite hopeful and glad to have him home, as is his brother Calvin, who is enjoying the new six times per day feeding schedule.

That is not to say that this journey over the last few weeks has been an easy or a clean and tidy one. Every day we have to give him fluids via enormous syringes along with pills and liquid medication. The kind folks over at the Saint-Lazare animal hospital have been more than patient giving us instructions and even calling us at home to give advice and listen to our questions. But we have done our own homework as well. We headed over to The Google and watched several videos on how to give your cat pills and liquids easily and with no muss nor fuss from the furry patient.

B.S. Yup, I’m calling B.S. Every video we watched is of a sweet, quiet, calm and more importantly, cooperative pussy cat who happily gulps down pills like they were a live sardine smothered in catnip. Oh yes indeed my dear readers these Google cat stars actually want to have pills unceremoniously shoved down their throat. B.S.

Trying to get any medication in Hobbes is like watching the Tasmanian Devil on the Bugs Bunny Roadrunner Hour. And I am talking right down to the buckets of drool flying in all directions from his mouth as he tears from one corner of the house to the other trying to projectile vomit a quart of saliva in a desperate attempt to rid himself of whatever horrible poison we are obviously trying to kill him with. That is the daily cartoon in this house my friends. After putting up a life-or-death struggle to even get the meds in him, what ensues is two frazzled adults running helter-skelter, wads or paper towels in hand, after a 7-lb whirling dervish of an animal that seems to have ingested Nascar racing fuel, all the while watching as ‘The perfect storm’ comes out of his mouth. You know how you hate it when you are behind that one person on the road who keeps putting their wiper fluid on and it sprays way up over their windshield and onto yours? Well at least that stuff isn’t sticky and smelling of ‘salmon and sweet potato’ mousse.

The only payback I get is watching the obviously unimpressed and suitably embarrassed face on Hobbes after he gets his 120ml of fluids injected subcutaneously each morning. You see, until the fluids are absorbed, the fluids pool at his chest and he has to shamble around the house with his ‘man-boobs’ hanging below his chin. You swear some mornings you hear the soft chuckle from Calvin as he walks by Hobbes making some sort of good-natured brotherly cat-slur. But hey, he seems to be doing a little better and that’s what matters. Who cares how tie-dyed our carpets are starting to look. And I hear that plastic covered furniture is quite ‘de rigueur’ in some parts of town. Heck, at least I’m getting my cardio.

BTW, thanks to Diane from ‘The Pointe’ for the really nice letter this past week. It really made my day! I hope you and your bestie enjoy your martini and coca-cola this afternoon.


As we start ramping up towards St. Paddy’s day, there is a bit of good music around town. Catch Keith Ford at Le Cozy Café on Saturday evening while over at the Château du Lac ‘Frankly Red’ will be playing. I’ll be at The Auberge Willow Inn on Thursday, March 19 with my good pal Jennifer Arditi.


As always, make sure you check out the ‘Things to See and Do’ section of The Journal for upcoming community events in and around the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area and if you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking out please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.


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