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Pincourt council briefs


Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal (front, second from right) said he was pleased with the new collective agreement that was recently signed by the town’s firefighters and emergency personnel.

New firefighters’ collective agreement, stop sign violations and lawn replacement

The Town of Pincourt announced it has signed a new collective agreement with its firefighters that will ensure the continued uninterrupted provision of fire protection and emergency services for its residents, Mayor Yvan Cardinal announced at the Tuesday evening council meeting on March 10. The previous agreement expired December 31, 2019.

“The signing of this third agreement between the town and the firefighters’ union reflects the climate of cooperation that exists between us. Our emergency and fire protection department provides safety, prevention, and protection services for our citizens thanks to a team of firefighters and first responders who are both dedicated and committed to their vocations,” said Cardinal.

“This collective agreement will allow us to maintain the standards of quality that our firefighters provide to Pincourt residents. Climate change and civil security are important aspects of our training and this agreement will guarantee the continuity of our services and our level of dedication to the task,” said Yannick Bernier, Director of the Emergency and Fire Protection Department.

The department also works with youngsters at primary and secondary schools on prevention initiatives.

Stop sign violations

Stop sign scofflaws who don’t make proper stops at intersections prompted a Pincourt resident to ask council about the availability of Sûreté de Québec (SQ) police patrols in the city.

It’s not that the SQ isn’t properly patrolling the municipality when it comes to enforcing provincial Highway Code infractions. The resident said there are certain periods when there seems to be no SQ patrols at all. “There are times when there are two to three police cars that are patrolling the area and at other times there are no police at all,” said the resident.

Mayor Cardinal suggested the resident keep a log of all the incidents he witnesses, the times they occur, and to pass on the information on to the SQ who will modify their patrols to focus on areas where the violations take place.

Lawn replacement

The town also adopted a resolution to lay new sod in front of houses along portions of 23rd, 24th, and 25th Avenues after residents complained last June about sub-standard work when new sod was laid following the completion of road work.

The issue was brought to council’s attention by resident Susan Ore who said at the time that instead of having a lush lawn, her front yard was a bed of weeds. Mayor Yvan Cardinal said the city would make the necessary corrections and ensure all the affected lawns were properly restored.

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