Letter to the editor 1, March 5, 2020

Take care of yourself

Dear Editor,

On my weekly trip to Costco, I texted my wife to see if she had anything to add to the shopping list. Her only recommendation was to get more toilet paper as, apparently, that’s become a hot-ticket item in these highly alert times where crowds are apt to part like the Red Sea at the sound of a single sneeze.

And while the wholesale outlet wasn’t sold out, there was, indeed, a brisk trade in toilet paper as well as a seemingly high amount of canned food purchases.

This may be overkill but as we’re updated daily on the status of COVID-19 coronavirus with the word ‘pandemic’ being bandied about, perhaps it’s a good time to remind readers that, in the event of a ‘pandemic’ or weather disaster, everyone is expected to have enough supplies on hand to take care of themselves and their families before any government mobilization is implemented.

According to the provincial public security website outlining civil protection planning in Quebec, citizens are, “… primarily responsible for your own safety!”

In the event of a disaster, citizens are advised to have an Emergency Kit containing potable water, non-perishable food and a host of other tools, clothing, medication, etc. Further instructions are posted on what to take in the event of evacuation orders due to flooding or earthquakes.

While we’re not living with the threat of wildfires, we’re facing our own annual climate change challenges, not to mention many of us live in the vicinity of rail lines which daily transport multiple tankers laden with combustible substances.

Back to COVID-19, while it may be premature to be panicking and we don’t really need 96 rolls of toilet paper stockpiled, the importance of being able to rely on yourself in the event of unexpected emergency is paramount.

Martin Roloff


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