• John Jantak

Recycling collection will continue unimpeded throughout Vaudreuil-Soulanges


Despite the problems in the global market for recyclable materials, the Vaudreuil-Soulanges MRC is assuring citizens that all recycling in our region will continue unaffected.

The Municipalité Régionale de Comté (MRC) de Vaudreuil-Soulanges is reassuring citizens throughout its region that its collection of recyclable materials will continue despite an announcement made by the Montreal-based Traitement Industriel des Résidus Urbains (TIRU) Group that it can no longer maintain profitability due to the global drop in the price of recyclable materials.

Rebuts Solides Canadiens (RSC), a subsidiary of the TIRU group – which also collects recyclables for the MRC – informed the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec of its decision in late January to eventually shut its doors at a meeting in which Recyc-Québec also participated. Recyc-Québec is the province’s recycling body.

Price drop for recyclables

Citing the global recycling crisis which has resulted in a significant drop in the price of recyclable materials, the company asked for financial assistance a second time from the City of Montreal, as it did in 2018. Montreal released $29 million in assistance at that time. This time, Mayor Valérie Plante said the city was unable to pay again.

The MRC is currently looking at alternatives for recycling collection for the municipalities that have been serviced by the TIRU group. There shouldn’t be any impact on other municipalities in the region that are serviced by Tricentris, which is regarded as having one of the most efficient sorting centres in the province thanks to the numerous technological investments made by the company.

For example, the Tricentris glass micronization plant is able to recycle glass and find different venues for its finished products which is not the case for all other recycling centres. Altogether, the company has recycled more than five million tons of materials.

MRC made the right decision

“Our decisions from previous years to turn to Tricentris and separate the MRC’s territory into six sectors regarding calls for tenders for the collection and transport of recyclable material will have been the right ones,” said MRC Prefect and Mayor of Rivière-Beaudette Patrick Bousez.

“These decisions have greatly reduced the impacts from this recycling crisis and our territory is among those that are doing the best in Quebec in regards to recycling initiatives,” Bousez added. The MRC will also work to find out if it can find another suitable alternative to the TIRU Group.

In order to maintain the high quality of the materials collected for recycling, residents are reminded not to deposit trash or other items that could contaminate items in the recycling bin. Last October, the town of Saint-Lazare urged its residents to comply with recycling bin guidelines.

Recycling bins only for recyclables

When residents put garbage into recycling bins, it hampers the recycling effort at the sorting centre because the employees have to remove the garbage from the recyclable materials. Depending on the type of garbage, it can also contaminate the recyclables and render them useless for recycling.

Every piece of garbage that is thrown into the blue bin must be manually removed from the conveyer belt by an employee and transferred to another dump truck for removal. This means more unnecessary handling of materials and more trucks going back and forth to the Lachute landfill which causes more carbon emissions and an additional waste of public funds.