Marie-Claude Nichols invites François Legault to an exchange with the citizens of Vaudreuil


Vaudreuil Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Marie-Claude Nichols is inviting Premier François Legault to take advantage of his visit to the riding on March 16 to meet organizations and stakeholders to learn more about the challenges of the region.

Nichols is extending this invitation to the Premier who will be visiting to participate in a fundraising cocktail. In her view, this would be the perfect opportunity for Legault to offer at least an hour to listen to the concerns of the citizens of Vaudreuil.

“The county of Vaudreuil has very specific needs in terms of health (hospital), mobility and transport (the Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge, Highway 20), the workforce and more,” she said in a communiqué issued February 25.

The Alliance of family workers, the Parents’ Committee of the Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs, the committee on the issues of Highway 20 and the Teachers’ Union of the Vaudreuil region would like to be able to talk with the Premier.

“We know that the Premier’s schedule is often very busy, however, I believe that politics must be done differently and it is with this in mind that I suggest a short meeting at my riding office with local stakeholders,” she added.

The riding of Vaudreuil is in the midst of a demographic explosion and its needs are increasing, both with our young families, our elders, our organizations and our entrepreneurs. Now is the time to plan together for the benefit of our citizens.