• Brian Gallagher

Difficult decisions


We’re hoping Hobbes (right) with his brother Calvin is well on his way to recovery.

Hey beautiful people, how are you? I have a question for you – how many of you are pet owners, or should I say have fur babies? Show of hands please. Those of you who follow this little column probably know by now that my bestie and I have two furry felines, Calvin and Hobbes. We have had them for about seven years now and for some reason each cat has bonded to one of us. Hobbes, the thin quiet good looking one has bonded to my wife, worships the ground she walks on actually. The other, Calvin is chubby and loud (he gets called ‘Chub-chub’ or ‘Shortstack’ more often than his real name) and likes to follow me around, even with the music blaring. ‘Shortstack’ also enjoys hanging out watching Sportscentre with me each day with our morning coffee.

Well, for the last few weeks Hobbes has been quite ill. I won’t go into graphic detail but he has been sick multiple times a day and has stopped eating or drinking. After a few visits to a well-recommended vet that left us nowhere, he is now in the capable care of the good folks at the Saint-Lazare Veterinary Hospital. The poor guy was diagnosed with late Stage 3 chronic kidney disease and after lots of tests we have discovered he has lost 75 per cent of the function of both kidneys. At the time of publication he was in the hospital getting treatment for another 48 hours. We feel so bad for the little guy since he is very skittish by nature, even in his own home. He must be terrified being away from his Hu-mom for so long.

Hobbes has had re-hydration treatment twice already but after coming back home within 24-36 hours he seems to deteriorate again and stops eating/drinking all the while being sick all around the house. So we are trying one more time to get his kidneys restarted and hoping this does the trick. It is hard to see him suffer so much.

So when he comes home in a couple of days we will continue trying to subcutaneously hydrate him and get some food into him. But what if he just won’t eat or drink and lies in constant pain hiding from us? You can see the question coming can’t you? The one we all have to ask at a certain point in our fur babies’ lives. When do you decide the humane thing to do? At what point do you admit that you are keeping the animal alive for your and not for their benefit? We are looking at ourselves and asking these questions and more dear readers. It is never an easy time but at the end of the day, you have to decide what the right thing is for your fur baby and not for you. Wish us (and Hobbes) luck for recovery my friends, and for strength.

Let’s hope next week I have some good news and some fun local events to go check out.

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