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Two councillors vote against motion regarding new Vaudreuil-Dorion housing development


Two councillors voted against a motion to adopt a PPCMOI for the construction of a new three-storey residential development in Vaudreuil-Dorion at the Monday evening council meeting on February 17.

Two Vaudreuil-Dorion councillors voted against a motion to adopt a Projets particuliers de construction, de modification ou d'occupation d'un immeuble (PPCMOI) for the construction of a new three-storey residential project slated for the area bounded by Rue Boileau and Boulevard de la Gare during the Monday evening council meeting on February 17.

Councillors Josée Clément and Jasmine Sharma voted against the motion. Mayor Guy Pilon and Councillors François Séguin, Céline Chartier, Gabriel Parent and Paul Normand voted in favour. Councillors Diane Morin and Paul Dumoulin were absent.

Insufficient parking and green spaces

Councillor Clément voted against the motion because she’s a member of the city’s Comité Consultative d’Urbanisme (CCU) which is against the project in its current scope. “I’m supporting the CCU by voting against it. There are a lot of different points. It’s a long list. This was the first proposal. It will be presented again with all the modifications that are required,” Clément told The Journal after the meeting.

Councillor Sharma said she didn’t have any reasons that were presented to convince her to reverse the decision of the CCU. “I felt the iteration of the project that was presented to us wasn’t necessarily falling in line with that vision that I would like to be implemented in our city. I had reservations with regards to the ratio of parking spaces and green space related to the project,” said Sharma.

“It’s a project that’s right next to the train station and I felt the project could be a bit more aggressive in terms of underground parking and definitely more aggressive in terms of having a better quality of life with more green space,” said Sharma.

Original project scaled back

Mayor Pilon said the original scope of the project was to construct three buildings between 10 and 12 floors. After taking into consideration the height of the other buildings in the area which are between three and four levels, the promoter decided to scale back on the scope of the project to conform, said Pilon.

“They modified the project three times while working with the city’s urban planning department. There will be an underground garage with 120 parking spaces which was not part of the original concept. Obviously I’m for the new project because it’s going to reduce the number of cars in the area and water and sewage systems that will have to be installed,” said Pilon.

Promoter did the most he could

The mayor said he doesn’t know what more could have been done to improve the current building plans. “I think the promoter did the maximum he could to improve the scope of the project with the recommendations he received from our professionals who agreed with the project. Most of the council said yes and we’re going to proceed with it,” said Pilon.

“Now we have a chance to reduce the density and keep the buildings at the same height as the other buildings around. The fact we are reducing the densification is a big plus,” said Pilon. The project will be presented at an upcoming public information meeting before a final motion is adopted by council to allow construction to proceed.

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