Letter to the editor 4, Feb. 13, 2020

Generation education

Dear Editor,

I’m neither a Millennial nor a Gen-Z.

I’m somewhere between Boomer and Gen-X, depending on who is setting the parameters. What my kids otherwise refer to as ‘old.’

But I’m happy to read about the viewpoints of each generation and commend your bi-monthly ‘Millennial Viewpoint’ contributor Kelly Miyamoto for her insightful columns and intelligent writing.

From Kelly’s Keyboard, I’ve learned about things like ‘Cancel culture’ and read with interest on topics including teen activism, self-care, and social medial influencers.

As the father of two millennials and a ‘Zoomer’ myself, I appreciate the unique viewpoints young people have of today’s world and their approach to navigating the new climate and economic realities.

They’re not going to have an easy time of it but judging by the caliber of some of the young people I encounter – including in the pages of The Journal – the future is in good hands.

Martin Roloff


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