Letter to the editor 3, Feb. 13, 2020

Walking Safely

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Hudson for over 30 years. I arrived from the city where there were always sidewalks so we didn't have to walk on the road. However, here in Hudson, aside from the village, there are no sidewalks. I love to walk so almost daily I see people on the roads who do not know that one should walk facing the traffic. I have seen mothers with strollers, parents with small children, dog owners and many teens walking with the traffic. This is dangerous as you cannot see what is oncoming. And then there are folks who walk at night without reflective gear or a flashlight. Drivers cannot see pedestrians until they are within a few feet. These walkers are an accident waiting to happen. On page 5 of the Hudson Voice there is a piece called Walk Safe This Winter but no mention of walking facing traffic. This is law but it is obviously not well-known or enforced.

Marlene Donegan


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