Letter to the editor, Jan. 30, 2020

Hopeful and inspiring

Dear Editor,

The January 28 public consultation meeting in Saint-Lazare was hopeful and inspiring. Hopeful because this council, unlike any other, is putting the goals and strategies of the Plan De Conservation into by-laws which will render it enforceable. Inspiring in the plea of a 7-year-old girl who asked and thanked all present to protect her future.

The by-law seeks to protect the old growth forest and wildlife corridors. The west end has one of the most significant contiguous forested zones in the region. Even more poignant is that this by-law, inadvertently, protects one of the main recharge areas for our aquifers.

Did you know that the Sainte-Angélique municipal well complex, that supplies 80 per cent of Saint-Lazare's water, is reaching maximum capacity in a few years? This is why the town is planning on building three new wells in the west end. This is one of the last viable sites left in Saint-Lazare to source water.

Protecting the forest of the recharge area protects the longevity of our water sources. Protecting any forest and wetland protects against flooding and climate change. Bravo to our council for finally putting the Plan de Conservation into effect through by-laws.

Something that should have been done at its conception in 2014! Pat Novas Saint-Lazare

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