Letter to the editor 3, Jan. 23, 2020

Fair share

Dear Editor,

So the “poor schmucks” (to steal a description from Elizabeth Corker) on the Town of Hudson sewer grid are getting it stuck to them again (Roads and tax fairness on the agenda for Hudson, The Journal, January 16, page 6). The original sewer by-law, approved by referendum and the Province of Quebec, recognized that the entire town would benefit from the proposed sewer project. Without it, there would have been no new MediCentre. Maybe those on the sewer grid should now get immediate appointments on demand? A tad facetious, I admit, but where is the service here that only those on the sewer grid are paying for?

The Town Council seems to have bought in to the concept of not paying if you don’t benefit, although seems very comfortable with people benefiting but not paying. Okay, what about the schools, which are major users on the sewer grid? Only those on the sewer grid now pay for sewered schools, and is this fair?

There is also the Treehouse daycare, the Town Community Centre and the Legion facilities, all the Town administrative buildings, and not to forget all the restaurants. And how nice it is to use Benson Park, summer or winter, without the sewage smell in the air from inadequate septic systems. Can anyone claim that only those people on the sewer grid benefit?

But there is another thing to consider. Without the sewer system, there would be none of the higher density buildings or smaller lot size residential construction in Hudson. And yet the entire town is reaping the tax benefits.

Maybe since the property owners not on the sewer grid are getting all these benefits and paying nothing for them, tax monies from these residential projects should flow entirely into the sewer project repayment.

We were, after all, promised that our tax contributions for the sewer system would only decrease as higher density projects came on line for sewers, instead of increasing many times over.

Rob McMaster


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