Letter to the editor 3, Dec. 19, 2019

Facts count

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed but not surprised in the inaccuracies provided to The Journal by Mayor Robert Grimaudo in last week’s article ‘Cautious Development in Saint-Lazare.’ The mayor’s comments clearly discredit the purpose of the moratorium that was put in place by this council just over a year ago and supported by a 2600+ signature petition. He and former councillor Pamela Tremblay took a political stance to vote against it because, in their words, “they felt the moratorium should cover all of the territory of Saint-Lazare and not only the western sector of St-Charles.” Ironically this position was never proposed when the moratorium was being discussed prior to its implementation. To view this session, go to YouTube ‘Seance ord.du conseil municipal - 13 nov 2018 / Part 2’ between minutes 00:18:00 and 00:22:00.

It’s a known fact that while all the territory of Saint-Lazare has value, the western sector holds the highest ecologically sensitive areas of our municipality including a wealth of old growth forests, wetlands and our water resources that serve many communities. Many Saint-Lazare residents identify the environment as a top priority. We finally have a cohesive council who recognize and commit not only to the mandate given to them by the citizens, but the urgent need for policy changes.

Traditional town policies were to foster growth through the creation of by-laws that promoted developers/home projects in order to increase tax revenues. If we want to protect the environment going forward, this concept can no longer apply. Our by-laws need to restrict land usage for conservation/protection of valuable resources, and developers need to redefine conventional plans to align with sustainable development practices that work for the people in improving quality of life while sustaining ecosystems.

Bravo to all our councillors for last Tuesday’s resolution on proposed bylaw 1079-P1. Thank you for your courage and conviction to put forth legislation that will protect our ecological resources for the future. A special thanks as well to our Environment Committee (CCE) for all the hard they are doing to finalize our Master Conservation Plan.

Time for change is now!

Linda Glasgow


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